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“America’s $34 trillion debt represents one of its most dangerous national security threats. The only hope we have of saving our country from national bankruptcy is reducing taxes, incentivizing American free enterprise and productivity, and implementing a federal balanced budget amendment immediately.”


An unmatched record

  • Trent was the Author and Prime Sponsor of the Seniors Financial Security Act to prohibit the federal government from taxing senior’s Social Security benefits, and it remains one of Trent’s relentless priorities if voters return him to Congress.
  • Trent protected Medicare and Social Security For Seniors.
  • Trent has never voted for a net tax increase on the American people in his entire public life.
  • Trent debated against Obamacare so vociferously in Congress that he lost his physical voice for short period of time.
  • Trent is the past CEO of his family’s small business and has always voted to protect small business and America’s productive free enterprise system.
  • Congressman Franks has opposed every government bailout as well as Mr. Obama’s so-called “stimulus” package. Trent has also voted against pay-raises for Members of Congress every time it has come up for a vote.
  • Trent consistently sponsored and supported constitutional amendments to balance the federal budget.

Trent WILL lower the tax burden on Americans, pass a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, stop government from creating inflation, and eliminate taxes on social security income.

For such a time as this

You already know that we accomplished so much in the past, and the seniority that I will return to Congress with puts me in a position to get so much more done in the future. Right now, we are standing in front of a volcano of leftist ideology spewing on our children, our government, our security, and our economy. There is no way back. We must seize this fleeting moment to launch over this toxic insanity, and onto a bedrock foundation of a brighter future for our children and future generations.”

– Congressman Trent Franks


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