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Election Integrity

“The right of American citizens to freely vote in fair, honest, and secure elections, is at the heart of our system of government. Indeed, it is a fundamental part of who we are as Americans. Without fair, honest, and secure elections for all American citizens, our Republic will fail.”


An unmatched record

  • Trent has consistently supported election integrity through election audits, requiring IDs, a strict chain of custody laws for all ballots, and ending ballot harvesting and left-wing government collusion with social media giants.
  • Trent led the effort in Congress to stop the Democrats from weaponizing the Justice Department to undermine the integrity of our elections.
  • As the Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee, Trent took the lead in protecting voter ID requirements from the left’s attempts to outlaw them.
  • Trent was a leader in Congress in trying to eliminate fraudulent voting by illegal aliens and ineligible voters.
  • Trent cosponsored legislation to mandate voter ID and proof of American citizenship to vote.

For such a time as this

You already know that we accomplished so much in the past, and the seniority that I will return to Congress with puts me in a position to get so much more done in the future. Right now, we are standing in front of a volcano of leftist ideology spewing on our children, our government, our security, and our economy. There is no way back. We must seize this fleeting moment to launch over this toxic insanity, and onto a bedrock foundation of a brighter future for our children and future generations.”

– Congressman Trent Franks


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