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Border Security

“The criminal negligence of democrat presidents has strengthened and emboldened the insidious drug cartels, brought a fentanyl crisis to America, overwhelmed our social services, allowed dangerous enemies into this country, and has made the border crisis a national security emergency. As part of a new Republican Congress with Donald Trump in the White House again, WE WILL SECURE THIS BORDER.”


An unmatched record

  • Trent sponsored and fought successfully for legislation to build a physical border wall, to empower law enforcement to apprehend illegal aliens, strengthen our deportation laws, and close asylum loopholes. The problem is not the law, it is that Barack Obama and Joe Biden deliberately REFUSED to enforce those laws.
  • Trent supported a provision in Congress to add 10,000 additional border agents to help stop illegal immigration.
  • Congressman Trent Franks openly endorsed the plan in Congress to use unmanned aerial vehicles to help patrol and secure the country’s borders.
  • For his commitment to protect United States sovereignty and secure our nation’s borders, Congressman Trent Franks was inducted by US Border Control into the US Border Control “Hall of Fame”.

For such a time as this

You already know that we accomplished so much in the past, and the seniority that I will return to Congress with puts me in a position to get so much more done in the future. Right now, we are standing in front of a volcano of leftist ideology spewing on our children, our government, our security, and our economy. There is no way back. We must seize this fleeting moment to launch over this toxic insanity, and onto a bedrock foundation of a brighter future for our children and future generations.”

– Congressman Trent Franks


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Border Security

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