Trent Franks Has An unmatched record of

Proven Conservative Leadership

Trent Franks was always a reliable conservative voice in Congress, having been rated "Most Conservative Member of the House of Representatives".

Below is just a partial list of the numerous awards he has received in recognition of his commitment to conservative principles, integrity including protecting our borders, our election integrity, cutting government spending, lowering taxes, free enterprise, defending the innocent, and strengthening our national defense:


  • Defender of Liberty
    American Conservative Union
    In recognition of his commitment to “America’s core principles”, his “steadfast commitment to our nation’s constitution”, and in recognition of his “outstanding conservative score of 100%”, The American Conservative Union designated Trent “DEFENDER OF LIBERTY”.
  • Perfect 100% Voting Record
    American Conservative Union
  • Conservative Leadership Award
    Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute
  • Champion of Property Rights/100% Rating
    League of Private Property Voters
  • Legislative Hero Award
    Goldwater Institute
    The Gold Institute presented Congressman Trent Franks the “Legislative Hero Award” “For His Lifetime Pursuit of a Legislative Agenda for Liberty.”


  • The True Blue Award
    Family Research Council
    "For his 100% voting record in Defense of Family, Faith, and Freedom."
  • True Blue Award
    Focus on the Family Action 
  • Certificate of Honor
    Kingman First Assembly of God Church
    “For 10 years of Congressional service and standing for our faith and values.” - Pastor Dan L. Briles
  • Freedom’s Light Award
    Awake American Ministries
    “For faithfully proclaiming liberty through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and preserving civil Liberty through responsible citizenship.”
  • Distinguished Christian Statesman Award
    D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship
  • The American Freedom Award
    The American Association of Christian Schools
    “For his tireless efforts to empower parents and promote educational choice.”
  • Appreciation Award
    Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagles of Eagle Forum
    For his “Dedicated work for God, family, and country".
  • Friend of Education Award
    The Education Freedom Coalition
  • Chairman’s Leadership Award
    The Frederick Douglass Foundation
  • Legislative Hero Award
    The Gold Institute
    "For His Lifetime Pursuit of a Legislative Agenda for Liberty."
  • Celebrate Freedom Award
    The Jubilee Campaign
    For Being “A Voice for Those Suffering in Silence”.
  • Nominated “Children’s Champion”
    Arizona State Legislators
  • Recognition Award
    "The Filipino Community"
    For “his strong support of the cause of the Filipino Americans” by “being a member of the US-Philippine Caucus of the U.S. Congress” and his “ideals and the pursuit of good governance and the betterment of the human race".
  • Outstanding Service Award
    National Organization for Victim Assistance
    For “His Outstanding Commitment to the Rights and Needs of Victims of Crime”.


  • Guardian of Life Award
    Concerned Women for America
    “Remembering Roe – Recommitting to Life.”
  • Passion for Life Award
    Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix
  • Heartbeat Hero and Defender of Life Award
    Trent was the first in Congress to receive Janet Porter’s Faith2Action “Heartbeat Hero and Defender of Life” or “Heartbeat Award”.
  • Wilberforce Leadership Award
    Students for Life of America
  • Down Syndrome Superhero Award
    National Down Syndrome Society
  • Adoption Hall of Fame Award
    National Council for Adoption


  • Defender of Economic Freedom Award
    The Club for Growth
  • Taxpayer Superhero Award - 100% Voting Record
    Citizens Against Government Waste
  • Hero of the Taxpayer Award
    Americans for Tax Reform
  • Taxpayer’s Friend
    National Taxpayers Union
    For his “Exceptional voting record to reduce federal spending and to further the cause of vitally needed fiscal integrity for the United States of America”.
  • Tax Fighter Award
    The National Tax Limitation Committee
  • Small Business Advocate
    Small Business Survival Committee
  • Lawmaker of the Year Award Award
    "For his Support of Small Business and Free Enterprise."
  • The “Spirit of Enterprise” Award
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Friend of Farm Bureau Award
    American Farm Bureau Federation
  • Sons of Liberty Freedom Award
    “For Walking In The Footsteps Of Our Founding Fathers By Cosponsoring The Fair Tax Act Of 2007.”
  • The Copper Scissors Award
    For Cutting Federal Government Waste.
  • Champion of the Merit Shop Award
    Associated Builders and Contractors


  • Speaker of the Truth Award
    The Endowment for Middle East Truth
  • Iron Dome Congressional Tribute
    As an Expression of Gratitude for the Countless Lives Saved by the Revolutionary Iron Dome Antimissile Defense System in Israel.
  • National Security Patriot Award
    ACT! For America Award
  • Friend of Israel Award
    Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign


  • The ‘Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award
    60 Plus Association
  • Medicare Choices Leadership Award
    Coalition for Medicare Choices
  • Legislative Achievement Award
    Seniors Coalition


  • The Golden Pen Award
    Phoenix Gazette
    Trent was presented with the Golden Pen Award by the Phoenix Gazette for his insightful letter on the AIDS crisis at the time. His predictions in the letter later turned out to be eerily accurate.
  • Constituent Communication Award
    National Write Your Congressman
  • State Physical Fitness Champion Award
    The President’s Council on Physical Fitness
    The President’s Council on Physical Fitness awarded Trent Franks State Physical Fitness Champion Award two different years in high school.
  • One-On-One Basketball Champion
    Trent Was One-On-One Basketball Champion and “Ram of the Year” his school’s highest all-around athletic award.
  • Educational Awards
    Trent was also given awards in high school stemming from his high scores on aptitude tests (i.e. National Educational Development Test).

Proven conservative leadership

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