Congressman Trent Franks

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Border Security

Congressman Franks is determined to secure our border.

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Election Integrity

Congressman Franks is committed to securing the integrity of our elections.

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National Security

Congressman Franks will protect America’s national security at all costs.

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Our Economy

Congressman Franks is committed to strengthening our economy.

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Parental Rights

Congressman Franks will protect all children and the rights of their parents.

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Protection of Unborn Babies

Congressman Franks protects unborn babies and their mothers.

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Weaponized Government

Congressman Franks fights woke left-wing weaponization of government.

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Support for Israel

Congressman Franks is a relentless advocate and supporter of Israel.

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Congressman Franks is committed to standing up for our seniors.

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Congressman Franks is committed to standing with our Veterans.

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