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National Security

“National security is priceless, and it is the number one purpose of the federal government. America must always remain the strongest nation on earth, and we must keep faith with those heroes who gave everything they had to allow their children and ours to continue to walk in the light of freedom. Let us forever remember that freedom is never free.”


An unmatched record

  • Trent served 15 years on the Armed Services Committee and the Strategic [Nuclear] Forces Subcommittee. He was Chairman of the Missile Defense Caucus and successfully sponsored the amendment to build a space-based nuclear missile defense layer over America.
  • Trent was the strongest supporter in the house of representatives supporting the “Airborne Laser”. This helped advanced laser missile defense technology that is currently a vital part of Missile defense for the free world including Israel in these critical days.
  • Trent was the author of one of the first Iran sanctions bills and was the first member of Congress to stand on the floor of the U.S. House and call for Iran to be referred to Security Council for their pursuit of nuclear weapons.
  • Trent successfully authored and was the prime sponsor of The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act the first major EMP protection legislation in the nation to protect America from dangerous natural and weaponized Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Doctor Peter Vincent Pry, called Trent “the Winston Churchill of EMP”.
  • Trent helped negotiate a plan in Congress to work out a compromise between the White House and GOP congressional leaders to supply $22 billion to help disabled veterans.
  • Trent was the Chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus and was referred to by many as the “most pro-Israel member of Congress”. Trent was heavily involved in advocating and securing support for Israel’s Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and the Arrow 3 long-range missile defense systems to protect Israel from a nuclear armed enemy like Iran. This effort helped to improve America’s own missile defense capability.

Trent WILL continue to build a nuclear missile defense shield for America, faithfully stand with Israel, our veterans like the heroes they are, and guard the 2nd Amendment with his life.

For such a time as this

You already know that we accomplished so much in the past, and the seniority that I will return to Congress with puts me in a position to get so much more done in the future. Right now, we are standing in front of a volcano of leftist ideology spewing on our children, our government, our security, and our economy. There is no way back. We must seize this fleeting moment to launch over this toxic insanity, and onto a bedrock foundation of a brighter future for our children and future generations.”

– Congressman Trent Franks


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