Sanctity of Life

Of all of the truths the founding fathers of America held in their hearts to be self-evident gifts from God, the most important was the transcendent meaning of human life. Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution knew that without the right to live, no other rights had any meaning. Yet, abortion on demand in America has taken the lives of more than 50,000,000 unborn babies while they were peacefully growing in their mothers’ wombs. Congressman Franks asks the real question. Does abortion take the life of a child? If it does, then America finds herself in a great human genocide that is causing unfathomable harm to American mothers and destroying the future itself. Trent has worked very hard to protect both mothers and babies and to remind us all that 50,000,000 lost little American lives is enough, and that there is a better way.

Trent is the original author of the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PreNDA), which says that an unborn child cannot be discriminated against by being subjected to an abortion based on the child’s race or gender. Currently, the United States is the only developed nation that does not have a law protecting an unborn child from being aborted based on the child’s gender.