A Note from Trent

Dear Friend,

It is often said that America is “at a crossroads,” but I am afraid this is no longer the case, at all. Indeed, America took the wrong fork in the road when we elected and then reelected Barack Obama. America is now heading quite rapidly in precisely the wrong direction.

We have a President who was the first EVER to run a deficit in excess of $1 TRILLION. He has now done that FOUR YEARS in a row and his spending singlehandedly accounts for a third of our entire national debt, having added more to our debt by himself than was added from our founding in 1776 until 1992.

He has nominated judges who contemptuously ignore the Constitution, has proudly served as the most pro-abortion President in American history, forced government-run healthcare down the throats of unwilling Americans, oversaw the first downgrade of America’s AAA credit rating, has increased unemployment, increased the number of Americans on food stamps, has thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at failed programs, has weakened our military, has allowed Iran to advance their nuclear weapons program, has blatantly attacked religious freedom in America, and while abroad, he has continually apologized for America, betrayed our friends, and emboldened our enemies.

Mr. Obama’s campaign promise to “fundamentally transform America” was no bluff. And now that he has secured a second term and no longer has to worry about seeking reelection, for the sake of our children and our children’s children, and America’s noblest dreams and ideals, it is absolutely vital for Republicans in Congress to stand up and work diligently to arrest the national “free-fall” into which Mr. Obama and his radical, leftist ideology have hurled America.

We must not fail.

It remains one of the very greatest honors of my life to represent you in the people’s congress of the greatest nation in the history of the human race. May God give us all the wisdom and courage to remember who we are as Americans, and that there is still hope and time to be all that we were called by Him to be as a Nation.

Most Respectfully,

Trent Franks