National Security

The first purpose of government is to national defense. As a member of the Armed Services Committee Congressman Franks has been fighting tirelessly to ensure our military has everything they need to remain the strongest, most advanced military on earth. He is the author of H.J. Res 23, which would require the United States to budget for a minimum of 4% if our nation’s wealth for national defense. One of the most effective deterrents for war is to ensure we have the means to conclusively defeat our enemies if they threaten the safety of Americans.

Congressman Franks is also the Founding Chairman of the Bi-Partisan Missile Defense Caucus. As Chairman, he has been striving to see that the U.S. has a robust missile defense system so that countries like North Korea and Iran do not have the ability to successfully attack America with ballistic missiles. He is the author of multiple bills and amendments supporting missile defense. He is also the author of the strongest bill in the Congress for the prevention of a nuclear Iran. H.R. 3832 would implement crippling sanctions on Iran by ceasing trade with any country who conducts business with the nation of Iran. It also encourages the Obama administration to support dissidents in Iran seeking a regime change and it requires the Department of Defense to create a military contingency plan to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.

One of the first promises President Obama made when he became President was to close Guantanamo Bay. Instead, he has attempted to bring terrorist inmates in GITMO to the United States for civilian trial. Congressman Franks Has adamantly opposed this dangerous policy. He also authored H.R. 951, which would prohibit federal dollars from being used to move GITMO terrorists to the state of Arizona.