Awards & Citations


Trent Franks is a reliable conservative voice in Congress, having been rated “Most Conservative Member of the House of Representatives” for many years. He has received numerous awards in recognition of his commitment to conservative principles, including cutting government spending, lowering taxes, free enterprise, defending the innocent, and strengthening our national defense.

Defender of Freedom Award (Club for Growth)

True Blue Award (Family Research Council)

Taxpayer Hero (Council for Citizens Against Government Waste)

Perfect Score from the American Conservative Union (ACU)

Spirit of Enterprise Award (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Conservative Leadership Award (Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute)

Legislative Achievement Award (Seniors Coalition)

Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award (60 Plus Association)

Constituent Communication Award (National Write Your Congressman)

Small Business Advocate (Americans for Tax Reform)

Hero of the Taxpayer Award (Americans for Tax Reform)

Friend of Education Award (Education Freedom Coalition)

Champion of Property Rights/100% rating (League of Private Property Voters)

Taxpayer’s Friend Award (National Taxpayers Union)

Thomas Jefferson Award

Tax Fighter Award/100% rating (The National Tax Limitation Committerare)

Friend of the Taxpayer Award (Taxpayers’ Friend)

Nominated “Children’s Champion” by Arizona State Legislators